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83, Standish Rd. LITTLE SILVER NJ 07739=

Home Tel: 732-345-0233 = Work Tel: 732-345-0119 Fax: 801-382-0838 Mobile: 732-433-5112 

  E-mail: (h) serban@hermest.com  Web: <= /span>http://www.hermest= .com/




WORKSTATIONS:     Sun (Sparc 10000/Solaris 10), IBM (RS/6000 J40/AIX 5.1), HP 9000 T-1000 (RISC-PA/HP-UX 11i),

SMPs:        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;       SEQUOIA 7000(12 proc), ENCORE Multimax (8 proc.)

Software:            = X-Windows (Motif), TCP/IP, SNMP (v5), OSI, X.25, X.400, CMIP (X.700), LDAP (v3)<= /o:p>

SYBASE (System 11), ORACLE (11i), DB2 UDB v8.2, TUXEDO (v6.5),

OpenView (v5), NetView/6000 (4.0), BMC Patrol, Tivoli (TME 10), CA-Unicenter,

·         HP OpenView Select Access v6.3, Select Identity v4.20, Select Federation v7.0<= o:p>

·         CA eTrust TransactionMinder 6.x, eTrust SiteMinder v6.x, eTrust Admin v8.x, CA Identity Manager, eTrust IdentityMinder,

·         Entrust 5.0, Eurekify Sage, PingIdentity PingFederate 4

·         Oracle Access Manager v10g (, Oracle Identity Federation, Oracle Identi= ty Manager v9.0.3, Oracle WSM,

·         BMC Identity Manager, BMC Federated IM,

·         Novell Access Manager 3, Novell Identity Manager 3, Novell DirXML,

·         Sun JS Access Manager v7.1, Sun JS Identity Manager v7.x<= /p>

·         RSA Access Manager v6.0, RSA Federated Identity Manager, =

·         Tivoli Access Manager v6.x, Tivoli Privacy Manager 1.2, Tivoli Identity Manager 4.= 6, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager v6.x, Tivoli Risk Manager,

Novell eDirectory 8.8, Sun JS Directory Server v6.x and Certificate Server, IBM Directory Server v6.x, IBM Directory Integrator v6.= x, Microsoft AD, ADAM,

ADFS, SAML 2.0, WS-Federation,  

Web Logic EE/Server v8.1, WebSphere = EE v6.1, WebSphere Portal v5.1, SAP Portal v6.0, OracleAS Portal, SAP R/3, Sie= bel CRM v7.x

DataPower, WebSphere MQ, Trusted Sol= aris 8.0, HP Virtual Vault 4.5, TIBCO, VITRIA

        &= nbsp; Languages:        Java 2.0, EJB 2.1, C, C++, Smalltalk, and Assembler

IBM z990, 309x, 43xx, 370

        &= nbsp; MVS/ESA 5.2     TSO/SPF, OS/JCL, UTILITIES, REXX;

        &= nbsp; OS/390 v5       = ;   ISAM, VSAM, LIBRARIAN;

        &= nbsp; z/OS v1.5      &nb= sp;     NCP/VTAM 3.6, APPN, RACF, ACF2, DB2 5.x(internals),

        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;     IMS DB/DC 5.x(internals),CICS/ESA (c &m level 4.0), MRO/ISC/LU 6.2;

        &= nbsp; VM/ESA (SP 3), VM/XA (SP 3)

        &= nbsp; z/VM        &= nbsp;         CP, CMS and GCS internals, EXEC2, REXX

        &= nbsp; Linux SuSE 8     VTAM = 3.6, DCE-VM Toolkit (1.1), SQL/DS, FOCUS 7.0, NOMAD 2;

        &= nbsp; DOS/VSE/ESA FOCUS

        &= nbsp; AIX/ESA 2.0      X-= Windows, TCP/IP, NFS, DCE Toolkit (1.1)

&nbs= p;         Languages:        BAL, PL/1, PLS III, PLAS, FORTRAN, COBOL

IBM PC (INTEL); PS/2(Model 160) and compatibles, P IV/3.8Ghz<= /b>

        &= nbsp; MS-DOS/Windows 3.1, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Win2K, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Vista), O= S/2 Warp:

MS-SQL Server 7.0, Delphi, IBM/DEC DCE (4.0), Gradient = DCE Toolkit (3.0), NetCrusader, LOTUS Notes 6.x, COM/DCOM/.NET, MSMQ, MTS, TAM = 5.1

        &= nbsp; LINUX Red Hat:

        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;     X-Windows, TCP/IP, INGRES, Sybase, Oracle DB

Languages:  &= nbsp;     ASSEMBLER, C, C++(Borland 5.0, MS-VC 6.0 with MFC), VB 6.0, UML, HTML 4.2, XML 2.0, Ja= va 1.5, J++ 6.0, EJB 1.2, and Smalltalk

DG ECLIPSE 130/140        &= nbsp;        AOS/VS, ASSEMBLER


5/07-present&nb= sp;      For Capgemini/Fair= Point (Atlanta, GA) wrote the entire security architecture as well as the company= security policies. Performed POCs and compared 5 vendors for I&AM suites. Chosen= Oracle Security Suite and implemented both SSO (through OAM) and central provision= ing (through OIM based on OracleAS) for 1/4 of all int. applications. In addition, imple= mented SAML & WS-Federation based Federation to connect with 7 external partne= rs.

6/05-5/07        &= nbsp;    Through YASH TECHNOLOGIES (East Moline= , IL) provided security services for clients all around the country and the world= for Identity and Access Management software, based on all CA Security Suite components, especially eTrust SiteMinder 6.x and Identity Manager 8.x, as w= ell as integrating with other security suites containing RSA AM 6, TIM 4.6, TAM 6.0, Sun IdM v7 and Oracle Identity Manager. It involved architecture/desig= n, installation/updates and development. Worked (and implemented extensively) = with all, SAML based Federation as well as WS-Federation (PingFederate), product= s on the market.

2/05-6/05        &= nbsp;    For USPS (Arlington, VA) architected,= designed and implemented an SSO and authorization system designed specifically for WebSphere and SAP Portals, based on Oblix v7.1, ADAM directory and a meta-directory synchronization tool.

9/04-2/05        &= nbsp;    For TFS (Toyota Financial Services, Torrance, CA), in addition to a company-wide security audit, designed and implemented a system doing I&= AM based on RSA ClearTrust v5.6 and Thor Xellerate v8.0.

12/03-9/04 &n= bsp;         Fo= r CISCO (San Jose, CA) designed and implemented a central provisioning system based on Netegrity’s IdentityMinder eProvision product. A separate feed has been developed for Peoplesoft and special (customized) agent was developed for Siebel. An Enterprise RBAC (Role Based Access Control) system was implemented based on= the IM Web edition version.

The Enterprise RBAC communicated via web-services with SiteMinder 6.0 roles, but was used as a source for all authorization systems (even non-web) used in CISCO.

3/03-12/03      = ;  For IBM, part of IGS/ITS, provided services all over the world as a Senior Secu= rity Architect in security audits and implementation of IBM and Tivoli Security Suites: TIM, TAM, IDI and Tivoli Risk Manager. For TIM 4.5, special attenti= on (Java development) has been for customers who needed customized agents for resources based on IDI assembly lines.


9/02-2/03        &= nbsp;    For IDPA (Illinois Department of Public Aid, Springfield, IL<= /st1:place>) as a Security Architect provided a comprehensive security audit for the ent= ire agency the result of it being a report of suggestions and proposals and Pol= icies and Procedures. This further implied an implementation of biometrics (retina scan), Single Sign-On and Authorization Framework based on Novell iChain, a= nd identity management based on Nsure Identity Management (DirXML). It also involved an implementation of secure FTP (FTPS) agency-wide and database security ba= sed on AES encryption in DB2.

10/00-8/02        &= nbsp;  For FGT, (First Genetic Trust, Lyndhurst, NJ) as a Director of Security, I designed and implemented a state-of-art, HIPAA and ISO/IEC 17799:2000 compl= iant, security architecture system based on Virtual Vault 4.5 and Trusted Solaris= 8, Baltimore Technologies' UniCert, Netegrity's SiteMinder (v5.0) and Tivoli Policy Director (v3.8) for authentication and authorization. The system was built in J2EE (WebLogic 6.0 Enterprise) and XML. The architecture implement= ed contained also network security (FW-1, PIX and SideWinder as well as IDS-1 = and CISCO VPN), physical security based on biometrics as well as a special pate= nt for database security based on Oracle 9i.

1/00-9/00        &= nbsp;  For SIAC (2 Metro Tech Center, Brooklyn NY) rearchitected the Entitlements System based on DCE ERAs and through a Tivoli Policy Director = V3.7 implementation company-wide.

 <= /p>

1/98-12/99        &= nbsp;  For CITIGROUP worked as Security a= nd Infrastructure Architect in 3 projects.    <= /p>

(9/99-12/99)        For Salomon Smith-Barney (288, Greenwich St, NY) architected the migration of the Fixed Income System based on EJB using WebSphere Enterprise Edition with a special implementation of Java servlets. Previously I performed an extensive benchmark between 6 EJB vendors, includ= ing WebLogic and WebSphere.

(1/99-8/99)        &= nbsp; For CITIBANK (111, Wall St., NY) I= architected the migration from DCE/Encina to ORBIX/Encina for the main application, CitiDirect, using DASCOM for CORBA level 2 security. Front-end security was using Entrust 4.0 PKI with X.500 as repository, integrated with DCE and lat= er Orbix.

(1/98-12/98)        For CITIBANK (111, Wall St., NY) I architected and maintained their global DCE cell. Four production applications coexisted in the main production cell (150,000 users) based in= New York, London a= nd Singapore<= /st1:place>. DCE was integrated with HP Open View by writing a MIB for it with the front= end in Java and XML.


3/96-12/97        &= nbsp;  For CHASE MANHAT= TAN BANK (55, Water, St., NY) deployed DCE and ENCINA in a global production heterogeneous (from PCs, AIX, Sun, to OS/390) environment.<= /o:p>

(1/97-12/97)        For CHASE MANHATTAN BANK (55, Water St., NY) develop= ed and deployed the system management support for the DCE infrastructure, via = an intranet built fully in Java and added DASCOM and TIVOLI/Santix support. The rest of the CHASE intranet was developed with Gradient Web Crusader and DAS= COM WebSeal.

1/96-3/96        &= nbsp;    For Bell South (Birmingham, AL), architected and developed an application supporting the PCS cellular system involving cross multi-firewall DCE communication. It was developed on HP-UX 10.2, in C++ and involving a backend of CICS/6000 with DB2/6000.=

9/95-12/95        &= nbsp;  For Bankers Trust (Liberty Plaza), deployed DCE Company wide, taught DCE and ENCINA for FX and Money Transfer = and designed and developed two pilots using Encina.

2/95-9/95        &= nbsp;    For AT&T Network Systems (Libe= rty Corner, NJ), worked as a Security Architect for the whole ASOS project (cli= ents were Pacific Bell and SNET). Build GSS-API based interfaces for Tivoli (TME 10.0)= and CMIP/SNMP Session Manager. Also build an ORB-MQ-Series interface.


4/93-1/95        &= nbsp;    For LEHMAN BROS, NYC, I managed a 4 people research project group on DCE based on an American Express grant. Its goals were to teach, develop and port applications (from ONC+ to DCE), and finally to administer and DCE and ENCINA company-wide.

(6/94-1/95)        For LEHMAN BROS, NYC, developed a remote installation tool based on TIVOLI v2 and a generalized ACL Manager, both for wide DCE deployment.<= /span>

(4/93-5/94)        &= nbsp; For LEHMAN BROS, NYC developed a S= ystems Management tool based on DCE technology in C++ and using an Object Request Broker. It used the Encina Monitor to assure the transactional data interch= ange between the server and a Sybase Open Client (early version XA compliant). T= he application was distributed through inter-cell communication and widely use= d in LEHMAN BROTHERS. Scalability w= as tested up to 5000 nodes per cell.


6/92-4/93        &= nbsp;    For IBM Corp., Kingston Labs, prep= ared and taught a 4 weeks class containing DCE

(12/92-4/93)        programming, administration and internals. Finally I installed and administer two DCE 50 nodes cells environment used for development of the Toolkit.

(10/92-4/93)        For IBM Corp., Kingston Labs, made= an analysis from the AIX/ESA security perspective of the DCE 1.0.2 code and implemented the necessary modifications on the ported code for the DCE Tool= kit (1.0) and final DCE product.

(6/92-10/92)      = For IBM Corp., Kingston Labs (NY) was responsible for the submittal= of AIX/ESA 2.0 (ESA/390) for the B1 certification.


9/89-6/92        &= nbsp;    For MEAD DATA CENTRAL (Dayton, OH), evaluated and build a prototype based on

(9/91-5/92)        &= nbsp; OSF DCE technology. It used extensively the Naming Service (based on X.500), and the RPC. It also involved an evaluation of the Encina Monitor vs. Tuxedo. T= he work was done on UNIX platforms (RS/6000, DEC 3100 and HP 9000) in C++.

(7/90-8/91)        For MEAD DATA CENTRAL (Dayton, OH), architected and build a protot= ype for the Security System of NGS (Mead new product) based on Kerberos (MIT-Project Athena) technology. The work was done on Sun workstations in U= NIX and C++.

(7/90-8/91)        For MEAD DATA CENTRAL (Dayton, OH), architected and build a protot= ype for the Security System of NGS (Mead new product) based on Kerberos (MIT-Pr= oject Athena) technology. The work was done on Sun workstations in UNIX and C++.<= o:p>

(9/89-6/90)        &= nbsp; For MEAD DATA CENTRAL (Dayton, OH), designed and build a software layer above the operating system insulating t= he applications from the NGS system calls. The work was done in UNIX and C++, containing device drivers for interoperability with CICS/LU 6.2.=


1/88-8/89        &= nbsp;    For IBM Corp., Glendale Labs (Endicott, NY), as member of a highly successful project team, architected and developed GCS/ESA, a key component of VM/ESA. The work was done in PLS III, BAL and R= EXX. Responsibilities included design, development, testing and coordination with other IBM labs (Raleigh, NC and Zurich, Switzerland).

8/87-12/87        &= nbsp;  For IBM Corp., RECD Division (Stamford, CT), developed an interface between an internal equipment database (written in IMS/DB/DC) and a panel oriented front-end in VM/CMS. The work was done in P= L/1, BAL, REXX, and ISPF. At the same location, converted the PC side of a wareh= ouse management system (written in REXX at the VM/CMS side and DBASE III at the = PC side), in PARADOX database. The work involved extensive PARADOX programming under Windows.

1/87-8/87         &= nbsp;   For NYNEX MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS de= signed and implemented a database selection process. My responsibility was to build prototype databases under the various DBMSs and benchmark them within a high volume, high contention environment. Initially the four candidates were IMS= DB, DB2/SQL, FOCUS and NOMAD.

For the = same company, designed and built a relational database using NOMAD and REXX in a= VM environment with data extracted from a very large IMS database.<= /span>

&nb= sp;

8/86-12/86        &= nbsp;  For AT&T as a Sr Systems Progr= ammer, developed drivers and interfaces for the Alpharel Optical Disk systems (ODS) with IBM 308x computers running CICS 1.7 in an MVS/XA environment. The syst= em was general enough to permit any other ODSs to be installed. It was build f= or multiple regions connected via MRO and ISC and it included: channel program= s to move data in bulk between the ODS and the mainframe; an enqueue/dequeue mec= hanism to allow concurrent access to the ODS files; higher level interface to allow applications programmers access and error recovery of the ODS data.

8/85-7/86        &= nbsp;  For INFORMATION BUILDERS Inc. managed the conversion of FOCUS from = one operating system to another. I was involved in all aspects of FOCUS from re= port writing to "modify" files, etc. Specific responsibilities included the conversion of the generic FORTRAN programs, rewriting the system depend= ent ones in BAL, testing and debugging. The work was done on an IBM4341 under VM/CMS and DOS/VSE.

7/83-7/85        &= nbsp;    For APPLIED DATA RESEARCH particip= ated in the development of LIBRARIAN.

(7/84-7/85)        &= nbsp; I redeveloped from scratch the group access option (GPO) function of the Batch LIBRARIAN. The functionality was heavily based on Boolean logic.=

(7/83-7/84)        &= nbsp; Rearchitected the batch and on-line LIBRARIAN, changing it into a future easy to handle product, independent of the operating system platform and able to be called from any on-line environment. Al the work was done in BAL on an IBM 3081 un= der MVS/XA and IBM 4341 under DOS/VSE using ROSCOE, VOLLIE or TSO.


            =             &nb= sp;            =   MA, Mathematics, UNIVERSITY OF BUC= HAREST, ROMANIA

            =             &nb= sp;            =  


Languages:        &= nbsp;         French, German, Italian and Spanish


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